Hey, love! Do you have a minute? Let’s talk about resting…

When we hear the term “rest”, we typically think of putting our feet up, reading a book or grabbing a quick nap. That’s not the type of rest I want to talk about today. I’m talking about putting aside the tendency to worry. The desire to work things out on our own. The rest I’m pursuing is where I take the position of actively seeking and engaging Him. No distractions, just one on one time to hear Him and His plan. It’s so important to rest because we have to be prepared for the seasons of maturing.

And we all go through “seasons” as we grow and develop. Usually, the sowing season is  extremely tedious and the harvest season is the most easily recognized. However, the plowing season can be the longest and is downright backbreaking. I’m in my plowing season. I’m exhausted but I know that if this season is not completed, then there will be no harvest. What a waste of time that would be! I am determined to see this to the end. Whatever it may be. Knowing that He is right here in the field with me brings such a sweet peace. Loves, I have never been more sure of His awesomeness than I am as I tell you about it. Even in my hurting place. I know that He is God and a good God, at that. In whatever season we are in we have to remove all hindrances to our faith and trust His process. We have to let Him handle our cares and concerns.

Choose to intentionally rest in Him.

Easier said than done but still possible. Take a step back, cut off your phone (or put it on vibrate), close your social media page and just rest. Don’t focus on anything or anyone else. Just Him. Do you feel that? Do you feel your heart going back to its normal rhythm? Your breathing is not as labored and your tears are not as heavy. It’s so sweet to just think on the goodness of Jesus. Sometimes that’s all we need. Set aside those negative and toxic thoughts and just focus on positivity and love. All of the moments that drain us can be restored.

If we rest.

Resting gives us the opportunity to grow from the place of “why” to the peace of “yes”. So, I guess it’s best to point out that to PROPERLY rest we have to be active. We have to not just read our word, but study it. We can’t​ just randomly journal but pour out the game plan He gives. We have to worship with tenacity and praise with abandon. When we spend time with Him, we have to MEAN it. His word says that “those who seek Him, shall find Him”. That requires movement on our part. I know that seems like a contradiction to say that “resting” requires action. I love that though! What seems common sense to us, is foolish to Him. He consistently requires that we put our faith into action by having to trust Him at His word without a clear understanding. We just have to accept that He knows the end and that is more important than the process.

So, in the moments of stillness, search for Him. He wants to join you in the place where you feel most vulnerable. Allow Him to love you where you are, in the way you need it most. Through quality intimacy. Remove all distractions and just wait for Him. He’s coming.

We have only to trust Him. To trust Him is to rest in the knowledge that He is with you. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. You are not alone. You are not forgotten. You are loved.