PP, Inc. is proud to offer programming that directly impacts the community, its leaders and therefore the world at large. We take seriously the opportunity and responsibility to equip women in the business and faith sectors and to do it with excellence.  PP, Inc. focuses on leadership, education and business as the three major areas of impact. Each of the programs below have impacted countless women and children and helped to bolster their confidence, productivity and reach. We are excited to share them with you!

PP, Inc. is a registered 501 (c) (3) Non- Profit organization. All donations made to the above community initiatives are tax deductible and are a tangible way to impact others in need. Thank you for helping PP, Inc. help others!

Woman to Woman: Convos Over Brunch

This is the premiere annual conference hosted for faith leaders and women of faith from around the state of Florida. By providing a nationally renowned speaker, access to small business vendors, networking opportunities and equipping them with the tools needed to effectively lead; women of faith are empowered to effectively lead, become more innovative and impact their respective communities. The success of this event has been proven through its 50% annual growth rate!

Girls Night Out

An innovative networking opportunity for women to share a meal and connect with other women in their field or in an area that they want to grow in. This event happens once a year in the summer and has yielded numerous partnerships, lifelong connections and confidence building encounters.

#LevelUp Business Summit

This is an annual business leadership summit that brings together aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners and those who are trying to decide if small business is for them. Intensive workshops are facilitated by marketing gurus, business leaders, branding coaches and financial experts. Participants receive a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities and targeted skill building.