Petra Pindar, Inc. was founded in 2019 with the primary purpose to empower, educate and connect women of faith to become leaders in discipleship. In addition, PP Inc. creates entrepreneurial opportunities for women to lead in the arena of publishing, marketing, and start-up businesses. Equipping women of faith to pursue their dreams and find their purpose, in every area of their lives.

The vision of PP, Inc is for women to use their everyday business and faith interactions to highlight and promote God’s love and spread the great commission.    

The mission of PP, Inc is to equip women of faith in the business and faith sectors, with the resources, connections and tools that they need to create sustainable communities through their business and faith ventures.     

Core values:

  • Empower: Equip women with the necessary skills and confidence to be leaders in both faith and business.
  • Educate: Share the knowledge, resources and tips on becoming effective leaders within the community.
  • Connect: Bring women together, in both the faith and business sectors, to create legacies of sustainable communities.


#LevelUp Grant

Launched in 2020, Petra Pindar, Inc. awards the #LevelUp grant once a year to women of faith with a passion pursuit. Including small business entrepreneurs, small non-profits, artists, writers, creatives, ministry leaders etc.Grants are exclusive to female business  owners or ministry leaders in the beginning stages of their passion pursuit. Selections are judged by creativity, social impact, and evidence of a legitimate business or product.

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#FaithGoals Education Scholarship

Petra Pindar, Inc. is passionate about the education of women as they develop their leadership foundation. The goal of providing the scholarship is to relieve some of the stress associated with affording the education that is desired to further an individual’s #faithgoals. By providing a financial seed, PP, Inc. hopes that applicants are emboldened to continue their educational pursuits and serve the community around them with the knowledge they have gained.

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