One of our biggest goals here in AFGT land is to encourage discipleship. Not the traditional go out on the corner and wave a sign or Bible, but the meet up with your friends and share positivity, light and love. It’s my firm belief that we will lead more to Christ through our lives and actions than by words alone. I have been working on gathering a list on how to have MAJOR impact through SIMPLE interactions. I’d love to share it with you.

  1. Don’t overthink your conversations. You are there to HANG, not to harangue. Remember that He draws with loving kindness. Not a lecture. Relax.
  2. Listen. Sometimes you don’t have to talk, you just need to be present. Too often we forget that to solve a problem, we have to first identify it. We can’t do that if we are always focused on what we will say next, instead of hearing what someone is saying now.
  3. Everyone’s perspective matters. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t your reality, it’s theirs. Give them respect and extend grace. Everyone isn’t always going to agree, but it’s how you disagree that will either solidify a friendship or destroy one.
  4. Keep eye contact. Don’t become distracted by everything around you. Invest in the moment and the conversation at hand. It helps to foster a sense of importance and value to the person you are with.
  5. Slow down. It’s not a race and there is no rush. Take your time. No one likes to feel like you don’t have time for them. Give what you want in return…time.
  6. Relate. Don’t shift. I often have been in similar situations to my girls and I will share that, to affirm their thoughts. But I won’t shift the conversation to my life and what I’d do or how I feel, unless they open that door. It’s not always about you! Relate don’t shift.
  7. Be intentional. Make plans that require interaction, sometimes. Opt for the kickboxing or the painting class, or maybe the museum tour. Oh! Or dinner theatre.
  8. Be honest. If you feel a certain type of way or prefer a particular thing, say so! Building relationships that have impact require transparency and vulnerability. You won’t always like the same things, but you can love the same God.

I hope that these 8 simple tools will lead to more meaningful interactions in your everyday life. We are called to be disciples for Christ and to do that effectively, we have to begin with our circle of influence.