Now is the time to step out on faith. Now is the time to renew old friendships that may have grown stale. Now is the time to sever ties with those that distract you from your purpose. Now is the time to embrace who you are, with all of your imperfections, because He has called you with perfect grace.
To gain more of Him, you will have to actively set aside yourself and those things you desire. You cannot carry dead weight into new territory. You will be too tired to properly appreciate the new opportunities, responsibilities and blessings. Seems like a lot of work for nothing, to me.
I know that it can be difficult to imagine walking away from the familiar just for a “promise”, but, there has never been a time that He has failed. Never. You know what? Even when we are unsure, He will consistently remind us of His faithfulness. We just have to follow. Now be clear, He will lead you but it won’t always be a smooth journey or clear path. It may require a little more than you anticipate. It will all be worth it. Take some time to chat with Him today about where He wants you to be, who He wants to connect you with and how you factor into His plan. Be brave, dear ones. Nothing you leave behind will be a greater loss than the  peace you gain.
It’s such a gorgeous Saturday! Go enjoy it!