How quickly time flies. I can’t believe that in TWO days I will be 31 years old. 31! Even more mind blowing is that my baby boy turns one today! God is faithful. To celebrate,  I decided to share 31 “truths” that I have learned thus far. Some of them I am still working on embracing, but hey, they were worth sharing nonetheless.

  1. 31 is not the “new 21”. It’s 31. It’s seasoned. It’s mature. It’s tested.
  2. The mountain is not always the obstacle. Sometimes it’s the hiking boots I chose based on appearance instead of quality.
  3. Never settle for being second best. If they didn’t want you the first time, don’t make yourself available when their first choice didn’t want them.
  4. Relationships can’t grow without attention. It’s totally necessary to check in and hang out with your girls.
  5. Just because someone considers you to be their best friend, that  doesn’t necessarily mean that they are yours. Don’t abuse the imbalance of investment by taking advantage of their desire to please you.
  6. It’s ok to not share everything with everyone.
  7. Live. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to live for Christ and miss out. Living for Him will be the most fulfilling decision that you will make.
  8. Get the haircut. It’s worth it.
  9. Taking the time to prioritize and walk away from unnecessary obligations is priceless.
  10. Never beg someone to do what they should already be doing. Encourage them to step up and then move on.
  11. Waiting to fold the laundry to play with your children, read a book or take a much needed nap is always the wise choice.
  12. Love you first. Not the “you’re so cute today girl” but the “everyday you’re worth the effort” kind of love you first.
  13. Failure is a mindset. Think positively.
  14. It’s worth it to wait. He will come when he’s sent. Don’t get distracted.
  15. Address who you are before you address who you believe someone else is.
  16. You may have been childhood friends but that doesn’t equate to a lifelong friendship. The length of time does not make it any less “seasonal”.
  17. I will never be a size 0 again. That’s okay.
  18. Every flaw is a testament to who you are. Embrace them. You don’t want to leave yourself out in the cold, do you?
  19. When you intentionally leave God out of your decision making, He can intentionally leave you out of His favor. Be careful.
  20. Laughter really is good for the soul.
  21. The promises of God are not determined by our “worthiness”.They are determined by His goodness.
  22. When you know that He has told you no, closed every door and removed all access to the desired item or person, WALK AWAY. Don’t try to bargain with God. He may give you what you WANT, to show you why He was focused on your NEED.
  23. Enjoy the moments of stillness. The race can wait.
  24. Don’t settle for less than what He called you to be. It’s worth the work.
  25. When God places resources in your life, thank Him and utilize them. You have way too much to do for one person alone.
  26. Celebrate your loved ones. They need to know that you care about them just as much as they care about you.
  27. Being petty is a skill. Don’t master it. Perfect grace.
  28. Unplug every now and then. The text can wait. The email will wait. Facebook and Instagram won’t cease to exist. Rest.
  29. Travel. Even if it’s just 30 minutes away. Go. Get out of your normal space to appreciate the magnitude of how blessed you really are.
  30. Don’t just say “I love you” or buy the gift. Show them. Start by holding their hand.
  31. Amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic. Don’t worry about how a task or dream will get done, just trust that it will happen.


I would love to hear some of the truths that you have learned. Truths that can heal. Truths that don’t feel so good. Truths that can uplift. Truths that are funny. Every year my goal is to grow. I’m thankful that this year is no different.